1 Car Stolen in South Africa Every 22 Mins, Toyota Offers Solutions

  • The carjacking trend is on the rise in South Africa.
  • 1 car is stolen every 22 mins, as per the latest reports.
  • Toyota has come up with a solution to make cars safer and difficult to steal even with sophisticated technology.

According to the latest statistic, 1 car is stolen in South Africa (SA) every 22 mins as Toyota tries to offer a solution. The car stealing trend is on a constant rise in SA, especially after the lockdown has ended. As the businesses resume, there are more cars back on the roads again. Also, people lost their jobs and are struggling to keep up with their living expenses. That could be the reason that this year saw a 14% rise in car thefts from April to June compared to the same period last year. Here are the details.

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1 car stolen every 22 mins in SA

The video has been uploaded on the eNCA channel on YouTube. In this video, the reporter talks to the local police brigadier, Brenda Muridili, about the latest happenings in space. The latter confirms that the Police have experienced a massive rise in carjackings this year compared to the last year. What is even more concerning is the fact that these thieves are even becoming tech-savvy and using the latest techniques to break into cars. Also, there have been instances of them stealing cars even when the people are sitting inside the car. Hence, the necessary precautions must be taken including not parking the car in isolated areas and keeping your driveway well-lit with security cameras.

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Toyota Offers Solutions

Toyota is trying to come up with solutions to counter these dangerous activities. They are equipping their cars with the latest technology with which to dissuade criminals. The sophisticated thieves use CAN attacks, FOB relaying and a combination of Forced Entry and Key Cloning to break into cars and steal them even if they have a modern security system in place. Using these tricks, they hijack the electronic system of the car and take control. They even clone the key and relay its signals so that the system thinks that it is the original key.

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To mitigate these practices, Toyota is developing solutions so that their products remain protected from such attempts by miscreants. They are willing to install these anti-theft systems in cars free of cost. You can just visit the service center and get them installed. At the moment, the cars that qualify for this service include Hilux Legend from 2019, all Fortuner models from 2016, Land Cruiser Prado (VX and VXL models from 2017), all Land Cruiser 200 with Smart Entry, Land Cruiser 300 and all Lexus RX and LX models from 2015.

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1 car stolen in SA every 22 mins

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