2023: God becomes Nigeria with a good heart like Buhari ―Umahi. give

Governor David Umahi

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru

Ebonyi State GOVERNOR Dave Umahi prayed Monday that God would give Nigeria a President “who, like President Muhammadu Buhari, has a good heart for the good of this country.”

The governor also said the people of the southeast are grateful to President Buhari for what he called mega-projects the president was doing in the zone.

Governor Umahi, speaking with State House correspondents after meeting President Buhari in the presidential villa in Abuja, condemned the sitting-at-home order promulgated by the indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB), calling it the worst thing that can happen to the economy can of the area.

He said those who observed the IPOB’s sit-at-home arrangement, even if the separatist group canceled the arrangement, did so out of fear.

He advised those holding federal offices in the Zone always to visit their states and identify with their people to see if, as some circles claim, people are being marginalized.

The governor praised President Buhari for some landmark projects in the southeast, particularly the Second Niger Bridge, which he said will become a reality, awarding the eastern corridor of the railway line, which he believed would accelerate commercial activity in the region.

As to why he was at the State House, he said, “I came to see Mr. President. One of them is very grateful to him for a number of mega-projects he is carrying out in the southeast. The second Niger Bridge will soon become a reality. Every time we visit this bridge location it is always like a dream.

“We, the people of the Southeast, are very grateful to the President for that. We would also like to thank him for assigning this east corridor to the railway line. This is a project that will accelerate the commercial activities of our employees.

“I remember going to school in Ebonyi state, taking the train and then going to Maiduguri, where my brothers spent my holidays.

“Mr. President is about restoring that hope. We are deeply grateful. But I also reminded Mr President that one of his main goals is to integrate in the southeast or in the state capitals, but in putting the project through Southeast, which is the capital of Ebonyi state, Abakaliki, and the capital of Anambra state, which is Awka, have been omitted.

“And I remembered, Mr. President, that the Southeast Governors asked me to write what I had done but had not yet been approved by the Honorable Minister of Transport, whom Mr. President said would find out why they were left out in the first place.”

“I am very, very hopeful that Mr. President will approve these two locations. And also the limestone grants to speed up the fertilizer presidential initiative that has helped the country of Nigeria so much with food supplies.

“I would like to point out that without the efforts of Mr President through this fertilizer initiative and other programs in the agricultural sector, it would have been a very difficult time for this country. And so this project is supposed to produce a large amount of granules so that we can produce fertilizers for the South-South, the South-East and part of North Central.

“Mr. The President has already approved the funds and released them to the Solid Mineral Development Fund. Part of the requirement, however, is that there must be SPV integration or a private sector initiative. You have Mr. President approval from the Chief of Staff So we had to remind Mr. President of that.

“The last time, four years ago, Mr. President was in Ebonyi state around November, commissioning a number of projects and laying the groundwork for others. I reminded Mr President that we were expecting him four years later, which was coming to Ebonyi State in November. The last time he stayed one night, this time we ask him to stay three nights.

“We have over 20 different projects that Mr. President thinks are good enough to commission. We have completed the Muhammadu Buhari light tunnel bridge complex, the first of its kind in Africa. to commission for Mr. President.

“We have completed the best medical center, King David University of Medical Sciences, the best in Africa. We have completed the largest mall, the most beautiful mall you can see in West Africa.

“We completed an additional six double flyover bridges that are well decorated and beautiful. We want Mr. President to commission it. We want Mr. President to start operating the St. Margeret International Market, the largest market in West Africa.

“We have over 200 kilometers of concrete roads in the state of Ebonyi, some of them federal highways, some concrete roads. We have covered over 1,000 kilometers of roads since my first term in office. Of course, the list here cannot be exhaustive. Even the three agribusiness clusters are ready for Mr. President to operate.

“We also have a number of ongoing projects. Most of them will expire at the end of 2021. Like the international airport that Mr President approved two years ago. Now we’re the first in Nigeria to build a runway for an international airport with concrete ready for Mr. President to lay the foundation stone. I’ll invite him to commission it next year.

“We have the first flight on May 29, 2022. We also have a number of road projects, in particular the 199-kilometer Abakaliki ring road, 53 kilometers of which the state government has completed.

“And of course the limestone granulate is Mr. President’s project and he has to lay the foundation.

“But I think, after Lagos and Abuja, there is still Ebonyi, another state with the most overflights, and Ebonyi airport remains the largest after Lagos and Abuja.

“So that’s why we came and I’m glad that the President would like to visit us again.”

When asked if the leaders of the Southeast would work together to ensure that the two major political parties have a candidate from the zone for the presidency in 2023, he said, “Well, for me, I am very committed to completing mine Rooted projects. And I will deal with politics when my term of office is one more year, from May 29, 2022. And I think it will be the same with other governors of the Southeast, including the governors of APC.

“My position on what you are asking is that our people who are in these political parties are trying to sell the Southeast in order to produce the next president. But I think both the governors and the Mr President should not be distracted when the elections are over and won, it should be governance.

“But in this country, once the election is over, the next one will begin. It is the masses who are betrayed. So those whose job is politics and who do not go into elected or appointed positions have all the time and opportunity to have these conversations.

“But I keep saying that power is in the hands of God. And God will also give us the next President who, like President Buhari, has a good heart for the good of this country.

“We need God’s own anointing for our own anointed president in the interests and unity of this land.”

When asked about the position of the Ebubeagu regional safety network, he replied:
“Speaking from Ebubeagu’s position is quite impressive and does a great job in synergy with all security agencies. And if you read through the newspapers, you can see a lot of heroism that is being done in the southeast. It’s pretty demanding, in terms of security, and we’re tackling it. “

On agreeing to address youth complaints about the federal government’s alleged marginalization, he said: “Regarding the issue of youth protest and my request as chairman of South East Governos to give the leaders six months, well, we’re in . We met with Ohaneze and other Igbo leaders and they set up various committees to set the goal. We, as leaders, want to hear from the masses and from those in political and appointment offices and the public service in the federal and state levels about the areas of exclusion.

“Some of these may be illusions, you know, but I continue to insist that our people who hold federal political office and the civil service should identify with our people as well, because many of our people in these places’ identify.” not with their people. And that’s why we keep screaming marginalization, we should start from them, they should be able to tell us what they did. We have to see their faces, we have to identify with them so that people appreciate the degree of marginalization, so to speak. So this is our position. We are going to make a few more points, if it makes sense to meet with Mr. President then we will have dates to have a Tet-a-Tet on this matter, but I think things will be better in the Southeast. “

When asked what he was doing with the continued Monday sitting at home even though IPOB had suspended it, he said, “Well, I think it’s not more or less in line with IPOB policy or no IPOB, suspended or not suspended. It’s a matter of fear.

“You know, the easiest way is to carry a gun and kill someone, and that has happened in the past. And that’s why some people in the Southeast are afraid of coming out. Even if you go out on the street and say that … or you hold AK 47. You can see, everyone will leave the street. So it’s not a question of compliance. It’s a matter of fear.

“If the security agencies in the Southeast have enough staff, you will find that no Southeast man wants to miss a day at work. You like to work, are in trade, industry and want to earn a living.

“So this is something the nation of Nigeria needs to know. And security authorities need to know that. Security agencies need to know that they owe the people of the Southeast a duty to protect their lives. And that’s why it seems that some states have compliance with home sitting, even though, as you said, IPOB has said it’s suspended.

“But it’s the worst that can happen to the Southeast because it will destroy the Southeast’s economy. And so I sang and shouted that the people in the Southeast should accept knowledge in order not to allow something like that, because it will cripple the economy of the Southeast. “

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