2023: Nigeria no longer has to play with leadership roles

… says we need someone who believes in true federalism

By Ike Uchechukwu

A political support group has claimed that Nigeria no longer needs to play with leadership roles, but must choose leaders with an impeccable track record who are inherently detribalized to move the country forward.

The group also described former Senate President Senator Ken Nnamani as a capable hand that Nigerians can rely on to relieve them of the numerous challenges that are currently plaguing the country.

In a statement signed by Ken Nnamani Support Group chairman Lawrence Odoemelam, the group stated that Nigeria is currently facing high levels of insecurity, economic turmoil, social unrest, religious tension and tribal divisions, which also need to be addressed effectively and decisively .

According to the group, the current challenges make it imperative for a de-tribalized Nigerian with an impeccable track record to take the lead in 2023, and a man of such qualities was Senator Ken Nnamani.

They said, “At a time like this, the nation needs a skilled and astute leader. The struggle to stabilize Nigeria’s fragmented society through experimental leadership faced so many challenges. These challenges are often in the wake of “political restructuring” and a search for a democratic “true federalism”.

“The country continues to face political corruption at the center of crumbling ethnic and religious conflicts. Nigerians continue to hope for a leader who will unite the nation and uphold the values ​​and hopes of their founding fathers.

“Judging from what the country has seen recently and its negative economic, security and social development effects, the nation no longer needs to play with leadership roles.

“We need an honorable leader who is a firm believer in true federalism and the development of the nation

“As the 2023 presidential election draws nearer, the big question is who will best fit this role if not a man like Senator Ken Nnamani?

“His courageous and progressive performance during his tenure as Senate President is testament to what his presidency will bring to Nigerians,” he began.

Recall, Nnamani was elected to the Senate of Enugu State’s Enugu East Senate District in 2003 and served as Senate President from 2005 to 2007.

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