230,000 police officers secure Christmas party in Egypt

In preparation for the Christmas celebrations, a security alert has been announced in all areas of the Interior Ministry, following instructions from Interior Minister Majdi Abdel Ghaffar, a senior security source at the ministry said on Tuesday.

The source added that the minister had ordered the lifting of all leave of absence for officers, individuals and recruits in all security departments of the ministry and increased the level of security alert in all governorates across Egypt to ensure the safety of the celebrations.

The source indicated that 230,000 police officers from the National Security Agency, Public Security, Central Security Forces, Department of Transportation and Fire Department will participate in the plan to protect 2,626 churches across the country, including 1,326 Orthodox churches, 1,200 Protestant churches, and 200 catholic churches.

He stated that the plan will include securing all Christian places of worship, vital facilities and parks through regular and secret security services.

The security source indicated that all churches have coordinated with all security directorates to check the readiness of surveillance cameras and link them to the camera control room in all security departments.

The source said firefighters and bomb squads were used at all entrances to Christian places of worship to track down explosives and scour the area with police dogs.

He added that the borders of all churches across the country will be closed with security barriers to completely prevent cars from being driven through or parked in them.

Sources indicated that security services monitor metal detectors at the entrances to churches and are stepping up security at the entrances and exits to churches and the streets leading to them.

The security plan instructs the management of each security directorate to suddenly check the regularity of the security services at their locations to ensure that the emergency services are adhering to the security plan.

Edited translation from MENA

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