Aircraft operating in Nigeria are subject to specific maintenance – NCAA

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) says aircraft operating in the country’s airspace undergo rigorous and scheduled maintenance and are carried out on schedule.

The NCAA’s general manager for public relations, Samuel Adurogboye, announced this to the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday.

Adurogboye said maintenance and controls were categorized as A, B, C and D.

According to him, A is the least and D is the most extensive type of maintenance.

“The performance of controls requires that the aircraft has been flown or operated for a certain number of hours or cycles.

“It is the authority’s mandate to ensure that the specified controls are carried out when they are due.

“There is no compromise and no waiver,” he said.

Regarding the number of aircraft currently operating in Nigerian airspace, Adurogboye said the number was “not readily available”.

“Planes don’t collapse, it’s an airline that can be said to have collapsed.

“The aviation business or any other business is free entry and free exit.

“It is an established fact that aviation is the most highly regulated company in the world for safety reasons,” he said.

The NCAA spokesman said combining passengers was a purely business decision of the airlines concerned.

He said the need to be able to operate a flight, cover operating costs and make a profit may be responsible or caused by technical issues.

“That’s why airlines form alliances around the world.

“We have examples of a world and a star alliance, among other things.

“This enables airlines to transfer their passengers to another so that they can continue their journey unhindered and still keep their ticket.

“This happens in the event of an unforeseen technical problem or a low load factor.

“In all of these cases, passengers have to be taken along and understanding sought,” said Adurogboye. (NAN)

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