Almost 2,000 civilians killed in Nigeria in 3 months

A total of 3,133 people were killed in the reporting period, including violent incidents such as terrorist attacks, kidnappings and gang fights.

The July 22nd report was compiled using media coverage from across the country.

296 of those killed were identified as security officers working for various departments of the army (155 dead), the police (133) and others.

334 members of the Boko Haram terrorist group were also reportedly killed as the sect continued its twelve-year war against the Nigerian government in the northeast.

Bandits who had terrorized the northern region last year were also affected, killing at least 416 people, and armed robbers (48), kidnappers (21) and smugglers (9) were also killed.

The report found that 71 members of the Biafra indigenous people (IPOB) have been killed in the past three months while the separatist group continues agitation to resolve the southeast region of Nigeria.

His wanted leader, Nnamdi canoe, was arrested on the run four years ago and will continue his trial next week.

The highest number of deaths in the country was recorded in the northwest (894), followed by north-center (867), northeast (655), southeast (293) and south-south (247).

The southwest recorded the lowest number of deaths at 177.

Nigeria is plagued by insecurity issues that have resulted in the government scratching its head and devastating tens of thousands of lives.

President Muhammadu Buhari has made numerous promises to restore peace to troubled communities, but insecurity in the country remains alarming, data shows.

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