Anti-apartheid activist of Indian origin dies in South Africa: The Tribune India

Johannesburg, July 7th

The experienced South African anti-apartheid activist Maniben Sita died on Wednesday as a result of Covid.

94-year-old Maniben was hospitalized in Pretoria last week after contracting the virus. Inspired by her father Nana Sita, who in turn was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Maniben devoted her entire life to the fight against apartheid in all its forms. Maniben was born in 1926 into a family that actively participated in the political resistance both in her father’s homeland in India and in South Africa. Like her father, she has been detained in prisons many times.

Nana Sita, who had lived with Mahatma Gandhi for several months, became part of his satyagraha and continued the resistance even after Gandhi’s return to India. – PTI

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