Attackers from the Nigeria prison will not regret it – Interior Minister Aregbesola

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How this photo comes from, Kikoiowo Bank

Nigerian Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola does not declare that prison commanders should use every power to defend themselves against internal and external attacks.

The Minister on Friday April 30th will follow the meeting with the top ogas of the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) for the headquarters. We say that all prisons aka prison for Nigeria will not become the “red zone”.

The Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) is responsible for all prisons of di kontri.

“The weapons you carry and the instrument you are given for lawful use with maximum effect to protect the facilities. Anyone or any group of Pipo Wey decides to attack the (prison) without regret.” Aregbesola bin hala.

The strong word dey come after the West African contri see several prison breaks wey armed Jaguda Pipo perform from the outside.

For Nigeria, the total number of inmates (including those awaiting trial) is 65,283, according to the NCoS website.

How this photo comes from, Kikoiowo Bank

Aregbesola tells NCoS squadron commanders that their mission is to defend the facilities at all costs.

If the command of commanders is unable to quench attacks, it means that they are not discharging criminals into society and adding to the problem of insecurity.

“Your job is like that of the goalkeeper. Nobody can remember that he saved, but he fired a shot that went past the net. Well Wetin Pipo Go Use Judge Am,” said Minister Tok.

Recent attacks in Nigeria prison

In April 2021, armed men attacked Owerri Prison for Imo State and set fire to facilities and property within the premises. The one cause most of the more than 1,800 di inmates wey hold dia to escape.

Police later accuse the banned indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) for being behind the attack.

In October 2020, Jaguda Pipo broke and released inmates during the SARS protests against police brutality against a prison for Benin, Edo state.

Di goment no confam di actual number of inmates wey escape.

During this time, Okitipupa, Ondo, experienced such ODA jail breaks. Warri, Delta and even Ikoyi, Lagos, although dat tried unsuccessful.

Some do not blame the situation – like criminals do not re-enter society – as one of the reasons for the high level of insecurity in Nigeria.

For Nigeria, all prisons belong to the federal government – as state prison no dey – and di kontri receives over 240 Dem in all states and in the capital Abuja.

Nigeria Correctional Service Previously named Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) and e dey under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, wey Aregbesola dey head.

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