Calum Hill continues to climb after the top 10 in Kenya

Calum Hill continued its strong start to the European Tour season at last week’s Magical Kenya Open.

The former Crook of Devon’s Perth and Kinross County’s player posted another top 10 finish to improve the rankings.

In rounds 65, 68 and 67, the Muckhart member fought well for the highest award on the way to the last day of action.

And while a 70’s degree wasn’t what he was hoping for, finishing eighth overall with 14 subpar scores was a very productive week.

“The last week has been solid all round. I got off to a good start, but made a few mistakes here and there, like you did in tournament golf, ”said Hill, who was back on the tee at the second Kenyan event – the Kenya Savannah Classic – on Tuesday.

“I managed to get a decent amount of birdies and was stable enough to get myself into the top 10. It was a little slow on the last day.

“On the last lap I gave myself a handful of really good chances to finish in the top nine, but I didn’t take any of them, and that was a momentum killer. It set the tone for the rest of the group.

“It put me in a position where I was pretty far from it by nine holes. But hopefully when this position comes back I can capitalize a little quicker.

“These beautiful surfaces build confidence and keep you going in the right direction.

“Every week you obviously try to win and do the best you can. However, with a handful of nice results close by, the season starts off well in the rankings.

“It takes you to a place where, if you continue to do well, it can open some other doors.

“I was back outside on Tuesday – a quick turnaround. In a way, it’s nice because you’re not spending the extra three days that you normally would. “

Hill’s rise to this point was largely aided by the time he previously spent on a golf scholarship at Western New Mexico University prior to qualifying for the 2018 US Open.

The young Perth and Kinross golfer Gregor Graham from Blairgowrie sets off on his own scholarship trip to America.

Hill noticed that, and he said, “I know Gregor and have spoken to him.

“He told me he accepted a place in Midland, which is great. I know a couple of people who have gone there.

“He is more than capable of asserting himself there like previous players and switching to a very large Division One school. He is very talented.

“I’m sure he will think of it as I do – a fantastic experience that will put you in a competitive environment with people who are on your level, if not some who are better. It drives you to keep improving.

“Gregor will have some experience on Scottish teams traveling to events. This will be at a similar level to where you play tournament golf and practice regularly.

“It has been of great help to me as a golfer and I am sure it will be for the many children from Perth and Kinross and beyond who are following this path.”

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