CFK Africa starts distributing Covid-19 vaccines in informal settlements in Kenya in cooperation with the Ministry of Health

CHAPEL HILL, NC – (BUSINESS WIRE) – CFK Africa, an international non-profit organization with offices in the United States and Kenya, started distributing coronavirus vaccines through its Tabitha Medical Clinic in Kibera, one of the largest and most densely populated informal settlements in Africa outside of Nairobi, Kenya, began. The vaccination initiative is in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

“We found that the community was instantly reassured that the syringes are being administered through the Tabitha Medical Clinic,” said Eddah Ogogo, CFK Primary Health Program coordinator. “The people of Kibera have gained confidence in the clinic over the years, which goes a long way in reducing vaccination hesitation.”

The non-profit, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Kibera this year, has been hired by the Kenyan Ministry of Health to distribute Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines to the qualified residents of Kibera.

Ogogo said the organization’s Tabitha Medical Clinic began spreading the word through health volunteer volunteers and social media posts. On Wednesday, October 20, the first day the vaccine was distributed, the nonprofit administered 60 doses of Moderna, including 18 second doses, to residents aged 18 to over 50. In just one week, she distributed nearly 180 vaccines and aims to give community residents an average of 30 syringes a day.

“To end the pandemic everyone has to be given the chance and we cannot do this without reaching the people who live in informal settlements,” added Ogogo. “Thanks to the long history of CFRP in the community, we have the confidence that helps ensure that the residents of Kibera are vaccinated.”

About CFRP Africa

Founded in 2001, CFK Africa improves public health and economic prosperity in Kenyan informal settlements through integrated primary health services, educational and economic development initiatives, and girls’ empowerment programs. Through a participatory development approach, CFK works directly with the residents of Kibera to create new opportunities to improve living conditions and alleviate poverty. In 2020, the employees of the new Tabitha Maternity Home from CFK were recognized by the Gates Foundation as Frontline Heroes in order to ensure continuity of care during the pandemic. More information is available at

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