Charlene Ruto: ‘Office of the first daughter na private entity’ – Kenya president pikin reply to viral video controversy

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Kenya President William Ruto second-born daughter, Charlene, don defend herself after one viral video wia she tok about di “office of di first daughter” cause controversy.

For statement, Ruto daughter say di office no be goment department but na “private entity”.

“E no dey constitutional office and e no dey funded by Kenyan taxpayers. Di office dey run purely to facilitate di activities of and any program wey Charlene Ruto dey run,” di statement tok.

She react afta many pipo bin dey drag her on top di mata, some say na misuse of taxpayers money .

Kenyan law no provide for di office of di first daughter and no any public announcement yet say dem don introduce dat kain office.

Ruto daughter don dey hold regular meeting wit leaders across di kontri and dey attend international forums meeting wit foreign dignitaries since her father become president.

Kenyans shock ova ‘office of first daughter’

Kenyans online bin para ontop di tori of di office of di first daughter, wey dey linked to President William Ruto second-born daughter.

For one video wey don go viral, Charlene Ruto bin dey tok for one meeting for Tanzania wia she introduce her “team from Kenya” including her adviser and another pesin wey be “head of trade and investments for di office of di first daughter”.

Di pipo wey bin dey for di audience bin respond loudly wit claps and some laughter.

“I no get wetin dey funny here,” Ms Ruto respond as she try to continue wit di introductions.

Kenyans online don dey criticize wetin some see as a misuse of taxpayers money.

“Charlene Ruto introduce her team from di office of di first daughter wey dem dey pay with taxpayers money despite say na illegal office,” one Kenyan for Twitter tok.

Anoda pesin ask how you take establish di office.

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