China and Egypt want to promote a comprehensive strategic partnership

BEIJING, September 1 Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday ahead of the Beijing Summit of the Forum for Sino-African Cooperation (FOCAC).

The two heads of state and government agreed to jointly advance the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Egypt for better development in the new era.

Egypt is a representative of Arab states, Africa, Islamic countries, large developing and emerging countries with increasing influence on international and regional affairs, said Xi.

Xi noted that China greatly values ​​the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership with Egypt and pledged to continue to support Egypt in its efforts to achieve stability, economic development and better livelihoods, to pursue a development path appropriate to national conditions and a Role to play bigger role in international and regional affairs.

China is ready to strengthen strategic communication and coordination with Egypt and safeguard their common interests, Xi said.

He called on both sides to continue to support each other on issues affecting their respective core interests, to have a timely exchange of views on bilateral relations and important issues of common interest, to share experiences with governance and to encourage exchanges at all levels and in various areas strengthen.

Xi stressed that China sees Egypt as an important and long-term cooperation partner in the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and said that China is ready to align the initiative with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and Suez Canal Corridor Development Project and a pragmatic cooperation between the two countries and is strengthening counter-terrorism and security cooperation.

Both China and Egypt, countries with ancient civilizations, should work together to promote dialogue and communication on this, Xi said.

Sisi noted that Egypt and China have traditional friendship and high levels of mutual trust and hold similar positions and coordinate closely on key international issues, Sisi said Egypt gives priority to the comprehensive strategic partnership with China.

As one of the first countries to support the Belt and Road Initiative, Egypt firmly believes that the initiative will create tremendous opportunities for their bilateral cooperation, as well as international and regional cooperation, he said.

The President said Egypt will continue to support and participate in the Belt and Road Initiative and, as the future holder of the rotating presidency of the African Union, will continue to promote cooperation between Africa and China.

Stressing that the development of African nations is most needed, Sisi said the Beijing summit of FOCAC shows that China attaches great importance to the development of Africa. Egypt fully supported China in hosting a successful summit, he said.

Egypt speaks out positively of China for its fair stance on Middle East issues and is ready to step up coordination with China in multilateral areas, Sisi said.

After the talks, the two heads of state and government witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents.

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