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Last updated: 06/07/21 7:51 PM

Dan Biggar thinks he’s good at making a start test jersey

Dan Biggar is in the driver’s seat to start for the Lions when they face South Africa in their first Test after his brilliant performance against Japan.

Not only did he get a lot of praise for this performance, but he also included it on former referee Nigel Owens’ list of five toughest players to handle.

“To be honest, I thought he was going to say something else – ‘difficult’ is a nice word for me, I think,” joked Biggar.

Biggar is pleased about the

Biggar is pleased about the “compliment” from Nigel Owens

“I’m actually pretty disappointed that I’m only in the top 5 – I wanted to be at the top. But I would say that I’m actually pretty happy with that from a legend like Nige!”

Biggar will build on that claim on Wednesday when he competes for the Lions against the Sharks – live on Sky Sports Action – and he believes his hard work has paid off.

The Welsh Pivot believes 90 percent of their rivals are more talented than they are, but say this will help them become a better player.

“I’m sticking to it, and I see that as positive. The biggest compliment I can be given is that I knock my socks off and do a lot of things that may require a lot of hard work. It’s in my DNA. ” he said.

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This is Biggar’s second taste of the Lions who were part of the New Zealand tour four years ago. However, he feels like he’s in a much better place now and is well mixed up to be her # 10 first pick.

He added: “Four years ago it felt a bit like I was on the edge of things, I was up against Owen (Farrell) and Johnny (Sexton) who were at their peak at the time. I dealt with that Play resigned. ” well, but a bit on the outskirts. Now it feels very much like I’m in the mix. “

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Since Farrell and Finn Russell are also contenders for the tour, Biggar explains that there are similarities between him and Farrell, while there is a lot of hard work behind Russell’s idiosyncratic nature.

“Finn is a much more laid back character, but he spends a lot of time on the laptop looking at his opponent and watching his own game. People who think he’ll only show up on a Saturday and do a few tricks is across from him unfair.” , he takes a lot of hard work, “said Biggar.

Finn Russell isn't all about tricks and tricks, Biggar says

Finn Russell isn’t all about tricks and tricks, Biggar says

“Owen and I are very similar characters and we see the game pretty much alike.”

Biggar recently lost his mother and said that the memory of her and the thought of his wife and young son will be the motivation to propel him on in South Africa.

“When you become a father, the way you think changes. It’s hard to be apart from you for long, so it would be a big deal to come back with a Test Series win – it would be really worth it,” added Biggar.

Biggar with his son during the 2019 World Cup in Japan

Biggar with his son during the 2019 World Cup in Japan

“My mother died a few weeks ago and she was a huge influence on me, so that would be a big deal.

“The best thing for me is to be able to get into training and the game because that forces you to distract yourself from things

“It’s been really tough months, but I know she would have wanted me out here and it would have been really special for her to watch.

“Doing it for them would be the world.”

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