“Diamonds in KZN”: The South African government says that no diamonds will be discovered for South Africa, but “quartz crystal”

5 minutes wey don pass

South Africa goment say that there are no diamonds discovering for South Africa but quartz crystals.

Goment gave information a week later after some Pipo said they were discovering diamonds for a village.

Send the National Department of Minerals and Energy, including enforcement and compliance units, and geoscientists, to inspect the site

Last week, lots of pipo from all over the Kontri bin Rush area go to Kwa Hlathi village after discovering a man wey dey herd cow wet and tink say na diamonds.

Videos we post on social media show Pipo dey di digging soil in search of di gems.

The discovery of Wetin Dey, believed to be diamonds for the village of Kwa Hlathi in South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal province, only reveals how Pipo Dey is desperately searching for a way out of poverty.

Studies that have been carried out for the area of ​​di Karoo show that the site di stones geographically for the edge of di Karoo sees dolerite sill and not an area where it normally finds diamonds.

Wetin be di gemstones pipo dey rush for KwaZulu

Di stones are identified as quartz crystals and have a very low value compared to diamonds.

Di Council for Geoscience is doing more studies to see if oda minerals are good for the area to create jobs and make di much better lives.

Goment asks pipo to stop the excavations because illegal mining has negative effects on the environment.

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