Diversify Total Companies in Nigeria, transition to TotalEnergies

By Sebastine Obasi

The entire companies in Nigeria are now to be called TotalEnergies Group to reflect their diversification into electricity, hydrogen, biomass, wind and solar.

During a virtual chat with the media, Total Country Services Executive General Manager Ms. Bunmi Popoola-Mordi explained the steps to adapt the new name, logo and visual identity, which she believes are at the heart of the company’s strategy to achieve the CO2 neutrality by 2050. She said: “In addition to our ambitions for 2050, we have set ourselves precise and ambitious goals for 2030.

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We will produce more renewable electricity and LNG. We will also need new oil projects to offset the decline in production from fields currently in production while also decarbonising our hydrocarbon production chain by avoiding and reducing emissions and capturing residual emissions. ”Regarding downstream production, she said : “We want to influence demand by offering customers decarbonised alternatives whenever possible. By 2030, the production and sale of mineral oil products will account for around a third of total energy production and total sales of TotalEnergies.

This is expected to drop to below 20 percent by 2050, compared to 55 percent in 2020. Put simply, we are using today’s energies to build the energies of the future, and 2020-2030 will be the decade of our transformation into a truly broad energy company with a Product range from oil, gas, electricity, hydrogen, biomass, wind and sun. “

She also stated: “TotalEnergies intends to become a major player in the energy transition and we have laid a solid foundation to achieve our ambitions.” Providing an insight into how the adaptation would reveal itself on the ground, Popoola-Mordi said: “The company is working with local regulators to adapt the name change to the broad energy company that we want to become. During this time you will experience the following: Brand overhaul, change in our usual communication, Total petrol stations will gradually switch to the new logo, name and lifestyle, Total offices and assets will gradually reflect our ambitions, investments will tend to be more Renewable energies. ”However, she dispelled concerns that the name change and the conversion to TotalEnergies would lead to job losses, on the contrary, they would have more positive effects as the company would continue to train its employees in the course of the conversion.

Country Communication Manager Dr. Charles Ebereonwu assured that the company will have a long-term presence in Nigeria and that Total Companies in Nigeria will continue to be an important part of the TotalEnergies group. He noted that the company had relied on renewable energies with the project to “solarize” its 577 gas stations across the country. It should be remembered that the shareholders at the ordinary and extraordinary general meeting on May 28, 2021 in Paris approved the resolution to change the name of Total to TotalEnergies and thus anchored the strategic change to a broad-based energy company in its identity.

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