Dominic West and his spouse Catherine have fun their wedding ceremony in Kenya throughout a pandemic and What Else on February 3, 2021

Remember when Dominic West looked like he cheated on his wife Catherine FitzGerald in Rome and then came home and they did a weird photo shoot and pinned a note on the bushes for the media? Now they are on vacation in Kenya to celebrate their marriage. Large. But why are you on vacation somewhere ?! I haven’t left my house since Saturday. And probably not until next Saturday when I make my weekly trip to the butcher, which is basically my version of taking a vacation these days. (Listed)

I’ve never seen these wedding photos of Diana Ross and I’m good at them because I got to see them for the first time today and … WOW. This is such a timeless wedding look, I love it so much. I love, whatever you call it, the capelet lace piece over the dress, I love the flowers in her hair like buns on either side of her face and the tiara and everything, everything is sublime. (Go yourself fug)

It’s a new year I mean, it’s already February, but my point is this … every damn year over the past 15 years, and especially the last four years, we’ve had to listen to speculation about whether or not Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will get back together. And don’t miss that in 2021. (Cele | bitchy)

How do you feel about frozen pizza? Having the taste buds of a kid, I love anything that comes out of the freezer in a box. Which means I’m definitely after frozen pizza, but I have certain frozen pizza favorites. As Dr. Oetker. Those who are too fat and wet are not for me. Even so, I never ate frozen pizza during the pandemic. I either made it myself or ordered it to take away, and now I wonder if I should put this on my shopping list. While we’re here talking about frozen food, I texted someone the other day about frozen corndogs because I love a corndog and I miss it so much – there’s no carnival these days – but I’ve never had a frozen one you good? Should I try (OMG Blog)

The best part of SNL last weekend was Bowen Yang’s Fran Lebowitz impression. It was excellent. But what does Fran think of Bowens Fran? Fran answers as best she can. But seriously, Bowen nailed it. (Vulture)

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