Egypt allocates 2.2M square meters of unexploited state-owned lands to public, private investment

FILE – Village in Egypt

CAIRO – 16 May 2022: Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Al Sayed al-Qusair stated Sunday that 2.2 million square meters of unexploited state-owned lands have been allocated for public and private investment.

The minister clarified that those lands included farms; Land plots that were granted to “Decent Life” initiative at rural areas and Housing for All Egyptians project as well as introducing utilities and facilities in the governorates capitals.

As for the lands offered to the private sector, the ministry ensures – before announcing their availability – that those are away from archeological sites, strategic zones, and natural reserves, and that water access is available.

Minister Qusair stated in 2021 that the national project of creating a new Delta spanning over a million feddans (one feddan is equal to 4,200 square meters) would be executed in two years.

The area would be cultivated with strategic crops like wheat, corn, and vegetables, the minister pointed out, noting that laboratory and field studies had been finalized.

The minister had told the press earlier that the cost of reclamation per feddan is LE200,000, as reported by Al Mal newspaper.

In parallel, the ministry is planning to implement a developmental project in Marsa Matrouh consisting of pastures, rainwater harvesting facilities, livestock breeding farms, biogas units, rehabilitation of natural resources, and sand dune fixation in Siwa Oasis.

The ministry also aims for bolstering the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil extraction. That is in addition to boosting the cultivation of fig for both local consumption and exportation as well as processing.

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