Egypt and Sudan agree logistical measures for utilizing the Egyptian ports

The head of the Egyptian customs authority, Kamal Negm, announced on Sunday that an agreement had been reached with Sudan on all logistic measures required to use Egyptian ports, particularly in Ain Sokhna and Suez, for the export and import of Sudanese products .

The agreement also includes the ability to take full advantage of the Special Economic Zones Act, Negm added, provided that this usage fee is paid in addition to providing waiting areas for the export and import of Sudanese containers.

Negm pointed out that the customs procedures for Sudanese goods passing through Egyptian transit systems include checking the containers and complying with all quarantine control rules for goods that may be required to issue goods to control authorities.

He assured that Egypt was ready to end all procedures for goods in transit and to provide all necessary guarantees until the Sudanese side had completed the formation of their agreed company.

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait previewed the outcome of the joint meeting between Egyptian officials and some Sudanese businessmen held at Customs to discuss ways to improve the transit of Sudanese goods through Egyptian ports.

Maait said it was important to help Sudan address its lack of trade flows due to goods piling up from poor infrastructure in Port Sudan.

And Sudan expressed its desire to work with the Egyptian ports to end all procedures for Sudanese exports and imports and end all difficulties in the port of Sudan, thereby strengthening merchanting with Egypt.

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