Egypt arrests 5 relatives of actor Hisham Abdullah – Middle East Monitor

Five members of the Egyptian opposition activist and actor Hisham Abdullah were arrested after a human rights group has exposed.

The Egyptian Front for Human Rights (EFHR) said in a statement posted on Facebook that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office had arrested five members of Hisham Abdullah’s family pending “state security” proceedings.

According to the organization, the actor’s nephew Ahmed Abdel Dayem Abdullah and four of his cousins: Abdullah Fekri Fayed, Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah, Ali Abdo Ali and Muhammad Abdelhamid Mari’i are charged with joining and funding a terrorist group.

The EFHR pointed out that the authorities reported Ahmed Abdel Dayem on December 19, 21.

The statement stressed that Abdel Dayem had said during the investigation that he had nothing to do with politics and did not take part in protests, while confirming that his relationship with his uncle Hisham Abdullah had been severed since his departure.

Last Thursday, opposition activist Hisham Abdullah, who lives in Turkey, urged the Egyptian opposition abroad to file an international lawsuit against the regime’s decision to withdraw citizenship from his wife, political activist Ghada Naguib.

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Abdullah said in an exclusive interview with Arabi21: “I urge the Egyptian opposition and opposition media to respect the seriousness of the regime’s decision to deprive opposition members of their citizenship, which was carried out through illegal trials against my wife, an activist, Ghada Naguib, on false pretenses. “

He warned that “the opposition’s silence on this move could be followed by intrusive disenfranchisement for anyone who raises a voice and reveals the truth to the Egyptian people.”

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