Egypt places famous Brotherhood era minister on terrorism list

The Cairo Criminal Court in Egypt decided to include five members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group on the list of terrorist entities for a period of five years.

This order starts from the day the decision was published in the Official Gazette.

The five on the list of terrorist entities are: Amr Mohamed Zaki Mohamed Abdel Aal, Mohamed al-Sayed Ahmed Abu-Zaid, Anwar Sobhi Darwish Mostafa, Bassem Kamal Mohamed Ouda, and Magdy Abdel Halim Abdel-Aziz Kharoub.

Ouda is the most famous minister on the list during the Brotherhood era, as he was arrested by the Egyptian security forces on November 12, 2013.

A decision was issued to arrest Ouda on charges of incitement to violence, a charge that was given against several leaders of the now dissolved Muslim Brotherhood.

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