Egypt places Ghandour, Yakan, 18 IS members on terror list

Mahmoud al-Ghandour & Islam Yakan – Twitter

CAIRO – 31 May 2017: The official gazette published Wednesday the decision of North Cairo Court to enlist 20 persons accused of joining Islamic State (IS) terrorist group on terror list for three years from the decision issuance.

The list includes two young men, caused wave of controversy following their posts from Syria and Iraq, and their bloody thoughts that seek death to Christians or followers of any other religions. They are Mahmoud al-Ghandour, a 26-year-old Egyptian, who joined IS in 2015, and his friend, Islam Yaken, who is fighting with the terrorist organization in Iraq.

Ghandour, used to work as a soccer referee, got arrested in July 2014 upon his arrival from Syria, where he gained his radical views. Despite he was released in September 2014, he went back to Syria to follow his friend’s footsteps, and take part in founding the ‘Islamic Caliphate.’

In 2014, Yakan, was known worldwide as the ‘hipster’ jihadist who was among IS spokespersons on Twitter. He took part in the beheading operations of IS, publishing them proudly on his Twitter account, before it was shut down.

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