Egypt ranks 2nd on the Middle East’s military strength list for 2021

Egypt ranked second on Global Firepower’s 2021 list of military strength in the Middle East, after Turkey and ahead of Iran. Saudi Arabia came fourth, followed by Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon.

The website added that the Middle East remains a turbulent region of the world, forcing various regional actors to maintain large standing armies. Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia remain key regional powers.

Global Firepower ranked the 15 countries by examining over 50 individual factors to determine the PowerIndex (‘PwrIndx’) of a particular nation, ranging from military power and finance to logistical skills and geography.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released an October 2020 report that found that Egypt, despite having one of the strongest armed forces in the region, reported nearly $ 4 billion in military spending between 2009 and 2019, ranking ninth in the Region occupied in military spending.

The report suggests that the country’s official spending data may not reflect actual military spending.

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