Egypt: Tarek Al-Zumar on the terror list for the third time

The Court of Cassation, the highest judicial authority in Egypt, upheld a court ruling on Thursday in which the former chairman of the Building and Development Party of the Muslim Brotherhood, the refugee Tarek al-Zumar, and 318 other accused of the Sinai insurrection were added to the list of terrorist units.

Zumar is accused of playing a central role in the ISIS member “Wilayat Sinai” and of supporting the group financially from outside Egypt.

On Thursday, the court rejected the defendants’ appeal against a ruling by the Cairo Criminal Court that placed the 319 defendants on the terrorist list.

“The judgment of the Court of Cassation is final and cannot be appealed,” court sources said.

The “Wilayat Sinai” case, in which 555 suspected terrorists are involved, is related to attacks by the terrorist organization in North Sinai.

It is the third time that Egypt has put the Zumar name on its terrorist list.

The criminal court in Cairo sentenced Zumar to death last September in what is known in the media as “Rabaa sit-down”.

In March, an Egyptian court put Zumar and 319 people on a terrorist list for their ties to the “Second Wilayat Sinai”.

Last November, the Cairo Criminal Court put his name on Egypt’s terrorist list again among 164 names, including Mohammed Shawki al-Islambouli, another refugee in Turkey, Assem Abdelmajid, who lives in Qatar, and others.

Zumar is included in a list of 59 terrorists Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced in June after the four countries cut ties with Qatar for their support for terrorism.

He is being tried in absentia in Egypt.

Zumar was imprisoned with his cousin Abboud al-Zumar in 1984 on charges of murdering former Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat.

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