Egypt versus Turkey in 2021: who has the stronger military?

A report published by CNN compared the Egyptian and Turkish military using the latest statistics for 2021 from the website Global Firepower, an organization specializing in military rankings.

Global Fire Power published its annual review in February, which ranked the countries of the world in terms of military power. Egypt fell from 9th to 13th place in 2021, while Turkey stayed in 11th place for a second year.

General classification:

The Egyptian army ranks 13th on the list of the most powerful armies in the world, while its Turkish counterpart ranks 11th from 139 countries.


Egypt was ahead of Turkey in this regard, ranking 14th with 104,124 inhabitants, of which about 43 million are available. Turkey is the 18th in the world with 82,017 inhabitants, of which approximately 41 million are available.

Number of active soldiers:

Egypt has 450,000 active soldiers while Turkey has 355,000. Egypt was 11th and Turkey 15th this year.

Air force:

At 1,056, Turkey has only three more military aircraft than Egypt, the index reported.

Air Force Fighter:

The Egyptian Air Force ranks 12th in the world with 250 fighters, surpassing its Turkish counterpart, which ranks 15th in the world with 206 fighters.

Attack aircraft:

The Egyptian Air Force ranks 8th in the world with around 88 combat aircraft, a clear step forward compared to Turkey, which was 66th in this category.


Turkey has 471 military helicopters ranking 7th in the world while Egypt ranks 12th with 304.

Combat tanks:

The Egyptian army ranks 6th in the world in this regard with 3,735 tanks. Turkey ranks 9th with 3,045.

Armored vehicles:

Turkey (6th place) is ahead of Egypt (8th place) in this regard with 11,630 armored vehicles. Egypt has 11,000.

Sea strength:

Egypt ranks 7th in the world with its fleet of almost 316 naval vessels, including eight submarines, 50 patrol ships, nine frigates, seven corvettes and 23 ships specializing in mines. Turkey ranks 20th with 149 seagoing ships and has 12 submarines, 16 frigates, ten corvettes, 35 patrol ships and 11 ships specializing in mines.

Defense budget:

Egypt ranks 29th in the world with a defense budget of 10 billion US dollars, a clear gap to Turkey with a defense budget of around 17,300 US dollars Billion annually (16th place).

Global Firepower draws its data from a variety of sources including the CIA World Factbook and the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft.

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