Egyptian Court Sentences 2 to Life Imprisonment for Rape – Middle East Monitor

An Egyptian court has sentenced two rape defendants to life imprisonment and between one and 15 years in prison, with two of the defendants being convicted in absentia.

The court heard that the rape took place in 2015 on a tourist site on the north coast of Egypt. Evidence included a video showing two of the men sexually abusing the victim.

The defendants were also suspected in the famous Fairmont Hotel rape case, and their names were shared on social media last year.

In the summer of 2020, nine men were accused of drugging and raping a woman at a luxury hotel, the Fairmont Nile City Hotel, in 2014. They were also charged with filming the rape and using the footage to blackmail the victim.

The attack was widely reported, especially on social media, and the victim and witnesses to the case came forward.

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It got at the frontline of the press after a former AUC student, Ahmed Bassam Zaki, was exposed online as a serial rapist and sexual molester and was later arrested.

However, in the Fairmont rape case, four female witnesses were later arrested and investigated for substance abuse, incitement to debauchery and participating in an orgy.

A young man who accompanied one of the witnesses to the police station was also arrested for his sexual orientation.

Amir Zayed, one of the three defendants convicted yesterday, was arrested on August 27, 2020 while trying to escape from Egypt.

The other two defendants are Youssef Korra and Sherif El-Komy.

Earlier this year, Egyptian prosecutors announced that investigations into the Fairmont Hotel suspects had led to their conviction in another rape case, this time in the north coast town of Marsa Matrouh.

In May, investigations into the Fairmont Hotel rape case were closed due to a lack of evidence, according to prosecutors.

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