Egypt’s masks mandate and quick fine-tuning defined

On Sunday, the Egyptian government launched its campaign to collect immediate fines for violations of government precautions against coronavirus.

The campaign is aimed at both individuals and larger organizations such as restaurants and cafes, which can be fined for violating occupancy limits or the mask mandate.

The mandate has been in place since late May, but in response to an increase in new cases and an overall relaxed public stance on the virus, officials created the new system of immediate fines.

Anyone who does not wear a mask in the public areas named in the decision will be fined LE50. If they don’t pay the fine immediately and are referred to the prosecutor, they will have to pay LE 100.

If someone fails or refuses to pay the fine and is brought to justice, they have to pay LE 150, according to Cabinet Spokesman Nader Saad.

Violations of facilities such as restaurants and cafes will result in a fine of LE 4,000 and the facility must be closed for a week.

The following locations are required to wear a mask as stated in the decision:

1- indoor government agencies

2- shopping centers

3- Public and private transportation, including minibuses, public transport buses, subway stations, train stations, and vehicles with hail apps (like Uber or Careem) *

4- banks

* The fine will not be applied to private drivers or those who ride with them, according to the decision.

Revised translation by Al-Masry Al-Youm

BILD: A security officer from Cairo University wears a protective mask after the study for students was canceled on March 15 in Cairo, Egypt due to COVID-19 (Reuters).

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