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Sir: It is elections year; politicians are at it again and political campaigns have started even when the referee has not blown the whistle for the campaign to start. I want to sound a note of warming to all Nigerians. The super propagandists are at what they know best. They have the resources and they control radio and television stations. They can go on the air 24 hours a day, dishing out figures that look like facts.

Propaganda is the manipulation of words, other symbols with a view to changing opinions and attitudes and ultimately, actions. Today, the manipulators may bring more techniques to their work but their purpose is not much different from the purpose of men and women, who sought to control other minds from time immemorial. There are other analyzes of propaganda; it is telling the tale and adding the necessary lies. We get to know the code of professional conduct for propagandists. The first article: The bigger the lies, the more likely it is to be believed and the more difficult it is to be rejected. Another Article: Nothing your opponent or rival does is good or worthwhile. Everything I say is true and it is good for you.

They want Nigerians to believe that they have answers to every problem we are passing through, whereas their target is to sell all our common wealth to themselves. They plan to sell NNPC as they have made it a campaign issue. All the profitable airports in Nigeria are to be privatised. Petrol subsidy has no end in our budget. They have sold all the property of defunct Nigeria Airways both in the country and abroad to themselves. The property of National Shipping Line is now in private hands as Nigeria has no Ocean going ships. They have licensed all the facilities of Ports Authority to themselves.

The NET building and other property of Nigerian External Communication are now in private hands. They are all politicians. Their aim is to make other Nigerians slaves in their own country.

Now is the time for all Nigerians to shine their eyes and not fall victims of their manipulations. They are now using radio and television to do their trade of manipulation. They are now ready to use these media as they know that people listen to radio and television than reading newspapers. Nigerian Political Class has betrayed the confidence Nigerians placed in them by selling our common wealth to themselves. We just have to stop them. Enough is enough.

They baited most Nigerians to rush to purchase their stock at 50 kobo, but the stock is now less than 2 kobo at the Stock Exchange. The associations shareholders have been compromised. Corruption has eaten deep into various associations and they are not operating with the principles. Chief Akintunde Asalu set up the first shareholders association in the country. No Annual General Meeting of Shareholders since the past five to 10 years or so. All the government agencies have been compromised.

God will judge Nigeria.

dr Sunday O. Ajai.

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