Eskom Plunges South Africa into Nightly Stage 6 Loadshedding Until Further Notice – SAPeople

Eskom implements Stage 6 load shedding in South Africa. PHOTO: iStockPhoto

Eskom suddenly announced on Tuesday night that loadshedding was to be escalated to Stage 6 during the night, starting at 21h00 and lasting until 05h00 on Wednesday morning. But then the really bad news followed. “Stage 6 nightly loadshedding will then be implemented at 16:00 – 05:00 until further notice,” said Eskom.

The power utility said: “Stage 4 load shedding will be implemented at 05:00 – 16:00 daily until further notice. Eskom will promptly communicate a further update as soon as there are any significant changes.”

According to a statement, seven units tripped today, of which three have returned to service. In addition, the return to service of three other units has been delayed. Unit 1 of Matla Power Station will be shut down tonight to repair a boiler tube leak.

There has been speculation that SA’s energy crisis is largely down to sabotage; and it was revealed in the last few days that Eskom CEO André de Ruyter was poisoned with cyanide in his coffee a day before his resignation was made public.

Eskom’s move to energy ministry

The DA said today it is “implacably” against the ANC’s wish to move Eskom away from Public Enterprises to the Minister of Energy. Agreeing with Professor Anton Eberhard, the DA said it would be a grave mistake and an obvious conflict of interest with an energy ministry being Eskom’s shareholder.

“The only faction set to gain from this move clearly an outcome of a political deal to keep president Ramaphosa in power for another term,” said Ghaleb Cachalia – DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises – in a statement on Tuesday. Read more here: Proposed Eskom move irrational and disastrous, says DA.

Stage 6: @Eskom_SA South Africa is in real trouble. This load shedding is affecting our economy.

— Yusuf Abramjee (@Abramjee) January 10, 2023

When your power is off, don’t always assume it is load shedding.
Visit to see when your area will be affected by loadshedding.

Distinguishing between a power outage and load shedding is important.

— Eskom Hld SOC Ltd (@Eskom_SA) January 10, 2023

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