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Around 22 villages in the Busia district will receive a total of 7,000 electrical connection points, as well as solar-powered street lighting and water supplies, after InfraCo Africa invested US $ 4.2 million in the acquisition of 40% of the developer Kudura Power East Africa.

July 13, 2021

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimated that Kenya had almost 50 MW off-grid solar capacity at the turn of the year.

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A $ 4.2 million investment by a facility supported by the governments of the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK is expected to operate 22 solar mini-grids in villages in western Kenya by October next year.

London-based InfraCo Africa, which is funded by the three European governments, invested the money to acquire a 40% stake in mini-grid developer Kudura Power East Africa owned by Portuguese company Rural Village Energy Solutions.

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With the installation of the solar mini-grids, due to begin before April, the systems will provide 7,000 electrical connections across the Busia district near the Kenyan border with Uganda, and provide villagers with access to prepaid solar power and solar-powered devices, as well as power to street lights. Pumps and water purification. The grids will have generation capacities of 10-60 kWp, i.e. a total of 512 kWp across the 22 systems.

The project will cost $ 8 million, with the remainder of $ 3.8 million from a grant from the Green Mini Grid Kenya organization funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the UK government and the EU .

InfraCo Africa is part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group, which is financed by the aforementioned governments as well as the governments of Australia, Sweden and Germany together with the private sector Arm International Finance Corp of the World Bank.

Rural Village Energy Solutions also receives funding from the European Union.

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