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Femi Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), on Monday urged young people to become more politically active in order to achieve a new Nigeria.

Falana made the call during the 2021 Felabration Symposium that was being held in Ikeja, Lagos.

The theme of this year’s felabration celebration is “Viva Nigeria”.

The theme was chosen from the ancient music of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti entitled “Viva Africa”, which spoke about the essence of staying together as an African.

Nigeria’s News Agency (NAN) reports that Felabration is an annual music festival launched in 1998 by Yemi Kuti in memory of and in celebration of her father Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a Nigerian musician and human rights activist known as the pioneer of the Afrobeat genre music was called.

Falana, Fela’s late attorney, said that with more organizational capacity, Nigerian youths would contribute more to the country’s growth and development.

“Nigerian youth have to get involved in politics, they have to play a role in the fight for a new Nigeria,” he said.

Falana, who shared the late Fela’s achievements, said that due to the fact that he spoke, acted and sang about Nigerian problems, the late musician was able to correct some social anomalies.

He said the 2017 Anti-Torture Law was passed due to the late Fela’s shouting that no Nigerian should be tortured in a police station.

Tony Nnadi, Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress, called on the federal government to work on the amendment of the 1999 constitution and ensure it.

Nnadi said the content of the constitution countered the nation’s progress and gave some regions more power and preference to the detriment of other regions.

Arinola Oloko, a certified mediation consultant, said the 1999 constitution does not support women, youth and the physically disabled and as such needs to be changed.

Oloko called for the autonomy of the local government to control its finances, which would allow for sporadic development at the grassroots level.

“As citizens of Nigeria we have to make conscious changes in the nation, we have to organize and be united to make the change a reality,” she said.

Seun Kuti, son of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, suggested that for a constitutional change, the youth must politically engage those in power to ensure that the constitution is changed in favor of the six geopolitical zones.

“Protests, rallies, demonstrations will not change the constitution because ordinary citizens do not have the power to do so,” he said.

Kuti urged Nigerian leaders to show empathy for the less privileged and ensure that the rule of law is played out.

He said the terrorism problem in the country was due to high levels of poverty and unemployment.
Kuti urged the government to pursue policies that would encourage job creation in the country.

“I’m not an anarchist, we have to organize, young people are just a reflection of society, we don’t have the power to change society, but if the Nigerian professionals involve the youth we will have a better society,” he said .

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