Fate Chukunyere “has the Ajegunle spirit” – ex-Nigeria international talks about his daughter’s chances at Eurovision

The former Super Eagles striker is not concerned about his daughter’s chances of excelling in the prestigious European singing competition

Fate Chukunyere has the “Ajegunle spirit” and, according to former Nigerian international Ndubisi Chukunyere, will handle the pressure to excel in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 18-year-old, who is the daughter of the ex-super eagle, flies the Maltese flag in Rotterdam and hopes to help the European nation end its wait to win the competition.

In a chat with goalHer father stated that Destiny is a replica of him in terms of dealing with pressure, while the experience she gained on Got Talent in the UK and the Maltese version of X-Factor made her fearless.

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“During my playing time, I was always at my best when I played in front of a large crowd,” said Ndubisi Goal.

“I transferred that to Destiny. She has the Ajegunle spirit – not afraid of anything. It gets stronger with pressure.

“The greater the pressure, the more it would excel. She impressed the judges and the audience on Friday evening.

“And that alone makes her a winner, but she needs votes to emerge as the winner. I’m impressed with her performance and I hope she wins.”

The 41-year-old was known abroad for his goalscoring results. It was strange for many to see Destiny take a different career path instead of following in her father’s footsteps.

Ndubuisi shared how his daughter ventured into music and what role he played in helping her achieve her dreams.

“We are in Europe where a child can choose a calling for themselves, unlike most African countries where parents choose a calling for their children,” he continued

“As an example, my father wanted me to go to school at all costs, but I was reluctant to pay attention even though he was putting pressure on me and all of this.

“When I grew up I said to myself that I would never force anything on my children because I would support them in anything they want.

“When she was seven years old, I noticed her passion for singing. Her teachers at school told me she was a good singer and advised me to take her to music school.

“When I saw the potential in her, I started to push her, never stopped encouraging her and registered her for several singing competitions. She was a semi-finalist on Got Talent in the UK.

“After Eurovision, I’ll do whatever I can to see them on America’s Got Talents. In summary, it was Destiny’s decision to become a singer. Nobody forced them. “

Though she has never been to Nigeria, the former Hibernians star revealed that some of the African nation’s musical greats have had an impact on his daughter, who is versatile in pop, R&B, and soul music.

“She loves Daddy Showkey so much. I remember those days; She would sing Showkeys songs with me. I also taught her the ‘Galala’ dance moves which she is very good at, ”he added.

“She’s a good fan of Psquare and Davido. She listens to more Nigerian music than the one in Europe and I think that is reflected in her style of music.

“I’m currently working on getting her to work with some Nigerian musicians. She is ready to work with any African musician. “

The Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam was originally billed for 2020 but the coronavirus pandemic outbreak resulted in its cancellation.

According to the former Kano Pillars and Valletta star, Destiny, a staunch fan of Super Eagles and Hibernians, would have been dejected if she hadn’t been selected to represent Malta for the 2021 edition.

Ndubisi added: “This is where a father comes in, even though no one was to blame. The truth is, money can’t buy life.

“Canceling this edition was the best decision because saving lives was more important than anything else. She didn’t feel bad about it because I let her see the reality on the spot.

“A good thing is that, unlike other countries that have selected new candidates for this year’s Eurovision, Malta has kept Destiny as its representative. If another person had been chosen, they might have been heartbroken. We all hope for good news on Saturday.

“Nigerians can’t vote because it’s only for Europeans. Even so, I want Nigerians to pray for them and encourage Nigerians living in Europe to vote for them.

“Fate is a daughter to her, and your support will go a long way in helping her emerge as a Master.”

The final will take place on Saturday, May 22nd. Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela and the leader of the country’s main opposition, Bernard Grech, have come together to celebrate fate for victory.

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