Firefighters from South Africa come to help out with the flames in Manitoba

More than 100 firefighters from South Africa have arrived in Winnipeg to help with the forest fires in northern Manitoba.

You are part of an organization from South Africa called Working on Fire.

“They are very excited right now, as you can see that they are very keen to get started,” said Trevor Abrahams, director of the organization.

The Manitoba Wildfire Service sends the group to an area east of Lake Winnipeg, northeast of the capital.

“We’re just excited about the help here,” said David Schäfer, director of the Manitoba Wildfire Service. “It will give our firefighters a break they need and the help because we still have a lot of work to do.”

Firefighters from South Africa arrived in Winnipeg on Wednesday. Photo: Michelle Karlenzig / APTN.

With some fires happening near First Nations communities, Abrahams says they are aware of indigenous history and have a connection with the First Nations people.

“We’re familiar with part of the story,” he told APTN News. “We have worked with First Nation people in the past. We obviously get on very well with them, so we look forward to working with them in Manitoba. “

There are currently 143 active fires in Manitoba. So far this year six First Nations have been evacuated.

According to the Red Cross, the leaderships of the Berens River First Nation, Bloodvein First Nation, Tataskweyak Cree Nation, and Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation “have each determined that their respective communities are now safe for all members.”

The Red Cross said the members went home on August 9 for Berens River and “Tataskweyak members, and by the end of the day on Tuesday almost all of the evacuees from both First Nations were home.” '

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