Former Charlottetown City Councilor is recovering well after contracting COVID-19 in Kenya

A former Charlottetown city councilor is recovering in Kenya after experiencing relatively mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Bruce Garrity, who spends most of his time doing humanitarian work in the African country, said he was very happy to have been shot with two doses of the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine before contracting the disease.

“I’m in a compound with four or five families and I’m starting to cough,” he said. “So I went to a pretty good hospital and they said you have COVID. But they said, ‘Because of the vaccinations you’ve already received, you’re getting a smaller dose,’ which was good to see. “

Garrity lives in Kenya and helps children who have nothing to eat for lunch receive adequate nutrition. It also encourages children to attend school and helps young people to teach carpentry and mechanics.

Together with a few friends, he has been doing humanitarian work in the country for a good decade.


According to the World Health Organization, Kenya has reported over 213,000 COVID-19 cases, a relatively small number compared to other countries struggling with the pandemic. However, Garrity said public health measures such as social distancing and the wearing of masks were very lax and the country was just “lucky”.

“If we get COVID it should spread like crazy,” he said. “But for some reason Kenya is in pretty good shape.”

With a population of nearly 50 million, only 1.8 million doses have been given to date.

Garrity said the only symptom he had was a deep cough, but that is mostly gone now. He’s been on treatment for two weeks.

“When I tell some friends back home or other people I know, they say, ‘Bruce, you’re the only guy we know who has COVID,'” he said. “You were very lucky at PEI, even though you took good precautions. You don’t have many people with COVID.”

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