From Kenya to Kanye, KayCyy’s unique journey has roots in Minnesota

Minnesota music artist KayCyy will perform on First Avenue and 7th St. Entry Tuesday night after she was part of Kanye West’s original album “Donda”.

NEW HOPE, Minn. – Though “Donda” hit # 1 on the Billboard 200 chart 10 times, Kanye West released another version of it Tuesday and removed tracks with well-known artists such as Chris Brown and Minnesota’s KayCyy.

The update comes a day less than a month since Ye first released the album on August 29th.

“That’s just that Ye is Ye,” KayCyy told KARE 11 on a follow-up call after meeting for an interview at Winterland Studios on Tuesday.

KayCyy was born in Kenya. At the age of 9, he and his brother joined their father in Minnesota. Her mother later joined the family after winning a green card lottery.

“The reason we came here is like any immigrant or anyone trying to get to America, like the American dream,” said KayCyy.

KayCyy has always chosen gospel music. Take the first song he ever wrote.

“I still remember the melody, yes,” said KayCyy. “It was like, ‘Why should I be scared tomorrow because the Lord is already here.'”

KayCyy says he ran away from home after high school to make music in New York.

“Both of my parents didn’t feel good about it at first,” he said. “Since my parents are African, it’s probably even stricter than if they didn’t want to. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s all about school.”

Today he says his parents are proud of him. Over the past three years, KayCyy’s music career has evolved into collaborations with artists such as Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Chris Brown.

“One of the first artists I met was probably Akon,” said KayCyy.

Akon’s brother Bu Thiam is the manager of KayCyy. KayCyy says Thiam introduced him to many artists, including Ye. Thiam is also Yes Manager.

“When I met him that day, I probably just played him one song and it was on my phone,” said KayCyy.

Since then, Kaycee has said he helped write three songs for Ye that Ye recorded on the original “Donda” album. The tracks are called “Hurricane”, “Praise God” and “24”.

Not only that, a song with KayCyy’s vocals did it. KayCyy’s voice is the first to be heard on the track “Keep My Spirit Alive”.

“Do you know how he did these listening sessions? He did one in Atlanta, ”said KayCyy. “One in Chicago. So it was – it was surprising. You didn’t know [in advance] which made the cut. “

KayCyy says he learns a lot from working with Ye.

“The word I would just say is an experience,” said KayCyy. “He’s got his hands like clothes and everything. Agriculture. He’s trying to do a bunch of things, like, let me build a town here. Let me build some things in Wyoming. Let me run for president and actually do it. So it’s kind of … that’s what I’m learning from him. “

KayCyy, who now lives in LA, keeps his Minnesota connections alive.

On Tuesday, September 28th, he will perform live on First Avenue and 7th St. Entry on a show called Stars of Tomorrow with DCMBR, J. Plaza, J. Monte with Loki952, Prince Riley and DJ Enferno.

On Friday October 1st, KayCyy will perform at his alma mater’s homecoming event. KayCyy attended Tartan High School in Oakdale.

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