Fuel prices are rising in South Africa – Prensa Latina

According to this, gasoline costs 91 cents Rand more (0.06 dollars) per liter at gas stations.

Diesel prices rose 58 cents rand per liter ($ 0.04) and kerosene rose 50 cents rand ($ 0.03) for the same volume.

From a percentage point of view, the increase can be described as “significant” according to experts.

They added that the higher fuel price should impact other areas of the national economy, including public transport fares and the distribution of essential products such as groceries.

The South African currency, the experts say, isn’t the only currency that has depreciated against the dollar, so the combination of these factors has resulted in higher retail prices for different types of fuel.

However, the specialists are rethinking that many people who work from home can save money through the regulations to contain the coronavirus in South Africa that they would have spent with prices starting today.

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