How Chinese exported Kenyan PPE before the first Covid-19 case


How Chinese exported Kenyan PPE before the first Covid-19 case

Monday, May 3, 2021

China Southern Airlines aircraft. AFP PHOTO

Chinese nationals who lived in Kenya last year used seven planes to repatriate Covid-19 protective equipment (PPE) to their home country before Nairobi reported its first coronavirus case.

The China Southern Airlines flight, which was filling out its annual report with the US Security Exchange Commission, when a foreign issuer announced that it had flown 3,000 boxes from Nairobi to Guangzhou on February 3, 2020 and made seven such trips.

Acute deficiency

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak was marked by an acute lack of export bans on surgical masks and protective equipment, as well as the disruption of flights that severed supply chains.

“Chinese citizens and overseas Chinese living in Kenya have collected more than 3,000 boxes of medical supplies.

“When the cargo bay was full, the flight crew and passengers worked together to move those precious ‘life-saving supplies’ that the airline reported in its latest Corporate Social Responsibility report.

“From the outbreak of the pandemic to the temporary suspension of the Nairobi route, there are seven such ‘mask flights’ that have provided valuable supplies for the front line of the fight against the pandemic,” the airline said.

The airline reports that at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, the situation in “motherland China” deeply hit the hearts of compatriots overseas.

“Every mask, glove and protective suit in the cabin seems to have a heartbeat. They come from Chinese compatriots separated by mountains and rivers, ”the corporate social responsibility report said.

Kenya’s first coronavirus case was reported on March 12 by a Kenyan citizen who returned to Nairobi via London from the United States on March 5, 2020.

On March 24, the country turned to Chinese tycoon Jack Ma, who donated medical supplies to the country to fight the deadly virus.

Jack Ma donated 100,000 face masks and 20,000 test kits, which arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi on March 24th.

This was part of helping the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation to support global efforts to fight the pandemic in Africa.

Second donation

A second donation from the Chinese government arrived at the JKIA on April 20th.

However, it was reported that there were two separate theft reports of donated Covid-19 devices in March.

A local newspaper previously reported how officials from the Ministry of Health allegedly worked with local and Chinese business owners to steal the broadcast and revealed that some of the alleged culprits escaped arrest last week.

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