How the ultimate girls getaway changed the friendship between Cynthia and Kenya

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore reveal how much their friendship has changed after filming the spin-off Ultimate Girls Trip.

The friendship between The real housewives of Atlanta Stars Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore have changed noticeably after filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. The two Bravolebrities enjoyed a longstanding relationship built over their years with RHOA. But it took filming with housewives from other franchises to create a serious wedge between Cynthia and Kenya. Both have hinted at what led to their current exposure.

Cynthia and Kenya got along well after completing Season 13 of RHOA. It was Cynthia’s final season in the franchise and she would announce her departure in September. While Cynthia had her differences with Kenya, as did the majority of the cast, the two could always get together no matter how heated their exchanges were. With NeNe Leakes leaving the show after season 12, Kenya and Cynthia were selected as the two RHOA stars who would join other housewives in the very first-ever Housewives crossover series. Unfortunately, this experience apparently tested their friendship in ways that are beyond repair.

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While promoting the spin-off special, Cynthia explained how the trip changed their friendship. “Kenya and I, you know, we had a little moment and it hurt me the most because we’re friends,” Cynthia told Black Enterprise. Since Cynthia was the one closest to filming, she was surprised by her franchise friend’s behavior during the trip. “I’ve known her longer than any other lady,” said Cynthia. While the two were able to “chat, a little in front of the camera, then finally out of the camera,” Cynthia admits that “the dynamics of friendship” have changed a bit for me Conversation.

Shared picture by Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore of RHOA

Cynthia’s comments came after Kenya addressed the apparent tension between them in the trailer for the spin-off special. Apparently, Cynthia felt that Kenya didn’t support her after having an exchange with The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer. But Kenya claims it was just a misunderstanding and when the show goes on, “you’ll see I’ve put on a lot”. Given the root of the problem, it is likely that Cynthia and Kenya can settle their differences. Cynthia is known to be one of the more forgiving housewives compared to her peers. Kenya has argued with most of her co-stars, but she has always kept Cynthia as a close ally.

In the trailer you see Kenya facing Cynthia on a bench. Another clip can be heard how Cynthia reminds Kenya that she is her friend and not Ramona. With all the shadows that are familiar to every franchise, this crossover event is sure to be a dramatic special. Cynthia is no longer active The real housewives of Atlanta, but her close ties to the cast will likely lead her to guest appearances in the future. Kenya will have to make new friends with the ladies returning in season 14.

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