How will South Africa be successful? ANC, EWC must be beaten

He may be the outgoing CEO of the Institute of Race Relations, but Frans Cronje always has fascinating insights into the future work of South Africa. During the height of the unrest that struck parts of South Africa in July, Cronje told BizNews that he and the IRR had been warning against it for many years. “Unfortunately we were right,” he remarked. While it is clear that the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma sparked the violence and looting, many agree that anger, poverty and frustration with the government fueled the fire. “More than half of the young people have no job. They wake up every morning not knowing what the day has in store for them. You don’t have the dignity to work and to make money. It’s a very strong social force. ”Below, the Daily Friend reports on a recent interview with Cronje. The outgoing CEO states that South Africa “will not seek again to compete with the growth rates of comparable emerging markets” until EWC (expropriation without compensation) is completely off the table. – Jarryd Neves

SA will be successful if ANC and EWR are beaten – Cronje

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If South Africa does not withdraw from expropriation without compensation (EWC) “so that it is not an issue and is off the table”, the country “will not strive again to keep up with the growth rates of comparable emerging countries”.

In an online conversation with Bronwyn Williams of Digital Discourse ZA, outgoing IRR CEO Frans Cronje warns about the fate of South Africa, why property rights are important, why expropriation is a big deal and what proposed constitutional changes actually mean for citizens.

Cronje says: ‘As soon as you raise doubts [property rights]”Before making any investment decision, you should raise doubts about the fundamental consideration.”

For this reason, the ANC government’s commitment to the EWC was the country’s “watershed decision”.

However, there was no expectation that the ANC would be reformable or retire to key positions, “with the result that the turning point towards reform is now very dramatic, to an extent last seen in the 1980s as a dominant one Authority … due to internal contradictions that bring with them appalling economic performance and deep deficits that the party cannot sustain, because space is running out, ”says Cronje.

“So, in a way, we are in a race between the ANC’s ability to implement this policy (land and property expropriation) in its final years and whether it will be sacked by its own demise.”

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