If Nigeria separates, a visa will be required to move around

… calls for a new tribe of committed Nigerians

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru

VICE President Yemi Osinbajo told advocates of Nigeria’s dissolution on Monday that in this case, people will need a visa to move around.

The Vice President stated this in the Abuja presidential villa while practically attending the 12th Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Colloquium in Kano.

He said the Kano event underscored the point that the country is stronger and better together.

According to him, “Governor Ganduje, through this gesture, helped us to tell two stories; This is the first time the colloquium has been held outside of Lagos and Abuja, the capital.

“And it is appropriate that Kano is this place, this city of radical and progressive ideas and ideologies, a city whose leading political light is not in the center, which is the dominant tendency within our big party, the APC.

Second, it helps us to underline that this country and its people are stronger and more powerful together than they are apart. For the suppliers who are divided into small components / countries, they should perhaps be reminded that we could not accept Governor Ganduje’s offer to come to Kano at short notice, as we would all have needed a visa to go to Kano come. “

The Vice President called for a new group of Nigerians from all over the world who are committed to a country that is oriented towards high values ​​such as integrity, justice and love, among other things.

He said, “We believe that we now have an opportunity to increase the number of a new tribe of Nigerians. A tribe of men and women of all faiths, tribes and races who are dedicated to a country based on high values ​​such as integrity, hard work, justice and love for the country.

“A tribe of men and women willing to make the sacrifices and self-restraints that are essential to building a strong society. who are ready to stick together, to fight for justice and justice side by side.

“A tribe of professionals, business people, politicians, religious leaders and everyone else who believe that this new Nigeria is possible and that we have already built and are building the building blocks for this new Nigeria.”

Prof. Osinbajo praised the leadership style of the former governor of Lagos and said that this style was central; First, the conviction that development, economic, social and political development depend on enabling ideas to compete.

He said: “Whether it is within a political party or its assemblies, a cabinet meeting or just a problem thought out.

By constantly exposing his thoughts and ideas to debate and argument, he is constantly refining his views and being at the forefront of topics like artificial intelligence, vaccines, and even the type of legal process or argument that should be brought in a court!

“I remember once when he suggested to me that he thought it better that we should challenge the jurisdiction in a particular case, and so many times when he brought his own legal thoughts on a matter. I had to keep reminding him that he is not a lawyer! And I’m sure others have had to remind him several times that he’s not a lot of different things.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, because he’s not afraid of being questioned and even criticized by subordinates, he is able to lead a wide variety of people with strong, ingrained beliefs and a variety of ideologies.

“The third aspect of this leadership style is that it feels very comfortable across ethnic, religious and party political boundaries.

“He believes that national development is only possible if we, the leaders, continually question ideas, perspectives and opinions, which has led some of us who have worked with him over the years to open up our constant debates formalize that on his birthday we open discussions on some subjects or subjects of national importance. “

He observed that the most recent Tinubu Colloquium came at a time when a combination of challenges exacerbated by the aftermath of a global pandemic sparked a storm of socio-economic problems.

“The standard mode of some times like this is to stir up tendencies, viewpoints and opinions that threaten the association and our unity,” he complained.

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