I’m driven by passion to restore Nigeria to glory, says APM presidential candidate

Princess Ojei, the presidential candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM), says if elected, her administration will restore Nigeria to the path of glory.

According to NAN, Ojei said this on Friday in a New Year message titled ‘2023: A Glorious Future Beckons for Nigerians’.

She expressed confidence in clinching the presidential seat, adding that she has the support of women and youths in the country.

“With the increased demographics of Nigerian women and youths, I stand a better chance of winning the people’s mandates against other candidates,” she said.

“As we approach one of the most historic general elections in the annals of Nigerian politics, it is no secret that the demographics of Nigerian women and youths have increased tremendously.

“I am appealing to all Nigerians, who are eligible voters, to obtain their permanent voter cards, especially women and youths, to vote in the Allied People’s Movement.

“I am the only female and one of the youngest contestants running for the office of president in the 2023 Nigeria general elections and a vote for me is a vote for our future.

“We want a Nigeria that enforces the rule of law. We cannot be slaves in our own country. We can also not be seen as prey or victims of circumstances in our country; pains, tears, and sorrow must not be the norm or order of the day. Abnormalities must never be normal. We want what is right, not what is wrong, and we need our indifferences to become our strength.

“And I represent a fresh agenda committed to providing innovative, transformative, and responsive leadership, hope for Nigerians, unity, improved economic condition, and good governance.

“I will create an enabling environment for economic prosperity, political stability, national cohesion, and socio-religious harmony. I am driven by the passion to restore Nigeria to the path of glory.”

She also said her focus will be on ensuring the rights of Nigerians are protected.

“Nigerian people have suffered too much neglect in human rights, social welfare, social development, infrastructure, education, health, and wealth creation,” she said.

“And I sincerely seek to foster national unity, irrespective of political affiliation, ideology, gender, tribe, and religion, in building the Nigeria of our dream where peace, progress, and justice shall reign.”

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