In a first, Egypt’s agricultural exports over 5 million this year: Spokesperson

The spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mohamed al-Qersh, announced Thursday that the Egypt has implemented real structural reforms in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture is witnessing a major boom in exports, he said, as Egypt for the first time exceeded five million tons of exports.

He added that the year has not ended, with the increase estimated at a quarter of a million tons compared to last year.

During a telephone interview with al-Hadath al-Youm TV channel, Qersh said that a great effort was made to increase agricultural production, consolidate relations with importing countries to build international partnerships, and open new markets for the export of the product, noting that the increase in exports is evidence of the high quality of the Egyptian product.

Egypt exports to the European Union, the Arab world, the Middle East and the US, he explained, noting that the export of Egyptian products to various countries of the world is evidence of confidence in the Egyptian product.

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