Invixium supplies contactless biometric readers for mines in South Africa

Eastern Platinum Limited (Eastplats) will use Invixum’s IXM TITAN readers to secure the Crocodile River Mine in South Africa. The readers are used to verify the identity of employees and ensure that they are complying with COVID-19 security protocols.

The IXM TITAN offers face-based access control and can recognize people who are wearing masks. The mask recognition feature is one of several updates that Invixium released to improve the usefulness of its devices during the pandemic. It is combined with the Invixium Enhancement Kit to provide Eastplats with thermal imaging capabilities. Together, the two solutions prevent access to people without a mask or to people with a fever.

Eastplats chose the IXM TITAN because of its flexibility and robust design. The company was able to integrate the readers into the existing hardware for access control and into the existing time recording system. Meanwhile, the devices themselves are fitted with an aluminum housing that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including nearby mine explosions.

Employees are also asked to fill out a COVID-19 statement before entering the mine. The TITAN helps to automate this process and to reduce the paperwork for administrators.

The actual operation was carried out by the South African integration specialist Bluewhale Digital, who selected the IXM TITAN on behalf of Easplats. The rollout began with a four-TITAN trial and will soon be expanded to other entry points in the Crocodile River Mine.

“We were concerned with the safety and wellbeing of Eastplats employees, as well as managing the time invested in compiling and reporting for regulatory requirements,” said Matthew Simpson, director of digital for Bluewhale. “In the midst of a global pandemic, we needed a way to safely and reliably move 500 people through turnstiles during shift changes. We had to do this without physical contact and in accordance with South Africa’s lockdown regulations. “

The contactless TITAN can process 12 to 15 employees per minute. Invixum entered the South African market in 2019 and has a local sales partnership with Pyro-Tech Security Suppliers. The company was recently named Frost and Sullivan’s Company of the Year 2020 due to its strong response to COVID-19.

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February 5, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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