Kenya: 11-Year Old Karamveer Dedicates Autocross 4 Win to Fallen Grandfather

Nairobi — Karamveer Singh Rooprai has dedicated his fifth straight win of the 2022 Kenya National Autocross Championship to his grandfather Sadar Jaswant Singh Rooprai who passed away in the United Kingdom.

The bereaved 11-year old emerging Bambino Class star swept the ground with all his race adversaries to win the belated Sikh Union Club National Autocross 4 race.

Karamveer also bagged additional two points on the championship log with the fastest heat time of the day (FTD) in class.

Following his grandfather’s demise on Thursday last week, Karamveer contemplated of giving the raceday a wide bath but made a last decision to contest the event held at the Twisty Corners racetrack in Kiambu.

“I decided to race because that’s exactly what my Grandpa would have wanted me to do. So I did it for him and I’m now dedicating the trophy I received to him,” explained Rooprai who clocked 11:03.38 minutes in his ‘best of three’ heat total.

He beat Saadh Shamil Farook (1118.88) and Eann Bengi (17:59.24) to the podium dash.

Karamveer is going for a maiden title after he finished second overall in last year’s Bambino Class Championship behind Yuvraj Rajput who has since moved up to Two Wheel Drive Non-Turbo Junior Class.

In the Junior 2WD NT Class Amaan Ganatra clocked 08:47.04 minutes to finish first ahead of leader Neel Gohil and Yuvraj who clocked 08:50.47 and 16:09.17 respectively.

Gurraj Singh timed 08:26.69 to register an FTD win in Two Wheel Drive Non-Turbo Buggy Class ahead of BBBS Racing teammate Rahul Patel and rookie Manveer Ghale.

The Two Wheel Drive Turbo honors went to Gurraj’s other teammate Deepal Shah who beat Qahir Rahim to second place.

Other winners included Sameer Nanji (2WD NT – Car), Eric Bengi (Four Wheel Drive Turbo) and Rajveer Thethy in Open Class.

Qahir was all smiles said: Twistty Corners is such beautiful track and it’s always a great idea traversing various counties for competition. The track was fast, flowing with great corners and some sections where we could really open up out machines!. mazing organization by Sikh Union Club and the sponsors!”

The Sikh Union round was initially scheduled for April but was postponed due to inclement weather as rain rendered the track impassable.

Sunday’s race also welcomed two debutantes from Azar Anwar Anwar Motorsport (AAM) – John Kigamkia Kidivane and Duncan Maina – who finished second and third respectively in Open Class.

Full Results – Autocross 4


1 802) Karamveer Singh Rooprai 11:03.38 FTD

2 (807) Saadh Shamil Farook 11:18.88

3 (1002) Eann Bengi 17:59.24


1 (906) Amaan Ganatra 08:47.04

2 900) Neel Gohil 08:50.47 FTD

3 (908) Yuvraj Rajput 16:09.17


1 (102) Gurraj Singh 08:26.69 Ftd

2 (105) Rahul Patel 08:48.57

3(116) Manveer Ghale 10:22.43


1 (305 Deepal Shah 0847.37

2 (323) Qahir Rahim 08:9 FTD

3 (304) Azaad Manji 08:4.57

4 (303) Shaz Esmail 09:24.01

5 (901) Brandon Nganga 09:25.20

6 (307) Nisha Pandya 10:01.39

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1 (203) Sameer Nanji 09:7.80 FTD

2 (205) Azfar Abdulmalik 09:40.36

3 (214) Tinashe Gatimu 12:03.19


1 (50)2 Eric Bengi 08:18.81 FTD

2 (528) George Njoroge 10:02.77

3(543) Gerald Maina 10:07.59

4 (545) Caroline Gatimu 10:7.21

5 438) Gideon Kimani 10:31.07


1 (616) rajveer thethy 08:53.33 FTD

2 (544) John Kigamkia Kidivane 09:03.44

3(54)1 Duncan Maina 09:6.89

4 (619) Mustwafa Murad 10:17.08

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