Kenya aims to boost tourism through the use of the Lake Magadi ecosystem

The ecosystem of Lake Magadi is among the tourist attractions that Kenya hopes to capitalize on to enhance the southern tourism experience for local and international visitors.

The Lake Magadi Basin ecosystem offers unique tourist attractions such as bird migration routes, while its saline waters are home to the graham fish species found only in Kenya.

Located 106 kilometers from Nairobi city center, the Lake Magadi Basin ecosystem is a unique and tranquil destination for nature lovers and adventure campers.

The area is endowed with a variety of bird species including flamingos and pelicans.

Coexistence with the birds has prompted interventions after significant numbers of birds were electrocuted.

Within the lake you will find the Alcolapia Graham cichlid, which inhabits the hot, highly alkaline waters of this lake basin and is commonly seen in some of the hot spring pools around the shore.

Often tourists dip their feet in the water and get a free pedicure.

During the dry season, the lake is mainly covered with sodium carbonate, hence the popular term “Magadi Soda”.

Located in a drainage basin of rugged volcanic rock north of Tanzania’s Lake Natron, Magadi offers spectacular geographical scenery.

Kenya relies on such attractions to boost inter-county tourism and open new tourism frontiers.

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