Kenya Airways last flight to London

Kenya Airways is flying its last flight to the UK today and has committed itself to exceeding the travel advice deadline, which comes into effect this Friday.

  1. The UK has issued a travel advisory and will not accept foreigners from or via Kenya as of April 9th.
  2. To meet the increased demand for travel prior to consultation, Kenya Airways has added return flights.
  3. Customers can also change bookings for later trips or request a no-penalty refund.

Arrive This Thursday Kenya Airways’ final flight to London will take place after two return flights were added to meet increased demand for travel to the UK before the travel advisory issued last week goes into effect this Friday.

“Due to the increased demand for travel to the UK before the advisory takes effect on April 9th, we added two new flights on April 4th and 8th,” said a statement from the airline’s headquarters in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi .

As of April 9, the UK will no longer accept foreigners traveling to or from Kenya to its airports, including transit passengers who may only pass through Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

“Customers affected by this policy can change their bookings for later travel or request a refund, with all penalties removed,” the airline’s management said.

Kenya Airways serves the East African region and partly the Central African states and the islands on the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean.

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