Kenya: Beyle denies claims that the federal government lifted ban on Miraa imports from Kenya

The Somali federal government denies reports that it has lifted the import ban on khat (miraa) from Kenya.

Somali Finance Minister Dr. Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh said at a press conference that his speech on Monday had been misinterpreted.

“I hereby declare that I did not say that Somalia lifted the ban on khat from Kenya. I was talking about importing the khat called hareri from Ethiopia,” he added.

Dr. Beileh urged traders to obtain the correct import licenses from the government and pay the appropriate duties.

Somalia stopped importing khat when international flights were suspended last year for fear of the spread of Covid-19. When international air travel resumed, imports of khat from Kenya were still restricted, and khat from Ethiopia, a slightly different variety, was allowed in the country.

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