Kenya: Blogger Xtian Dela overturns decision to join politics

Vlogger Xtian Dela has proposed a change of heart following his previous decision to get into politics.

Dela, born Arthur Mandela, had previously announced his intention to compete for the Westlands’ parliamentary seat.

But in a long post on social media, he now says that he has realized that it is “frustrating” to work alone.

He also noted that he had received so much “negativity” since declaring his intention to oust incumbent Tim Wanyonyi before the 2022 general election.

“Too much negativity from the youth I thought would support me. We are in the process of registering our own party. A party that is UNTAINTED and run by young people across the country. Not my project, but OUR project people think I want to steal your money or make money from all of it, “read some of his contribution.

“I honestly want to do my best to make Kenya better, but I’m just alone. What can I do? How can I register a party without collecting donations? Do I steal or do I go into dubious business? NO WAY!! Why am I bothering with all these na niko na hectic zangu na kuna mtoi anakuja? “He joked.

In addition to the political setback, the YouTuber and blogger has everything he can look forward to when he becomes a dad soon.

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