Kenya brings the seaport back to life

Kenya PSCU / Kenya Railways

Posted 6/1/2021 10:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

Kenya’s determination to build a multimodal transportation system for the East Africa region was strengthened with the commissioning of the port of Kisumu, which was renovated for $ 30 million.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said the port will fuel the growth of the region’s economy as it provides a holistic transportation network for goods along the northern corridor from the port of Mombasa to countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, northern Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo .

The port revitalization also included upgrading the MV Uhuru, a carriage ferry, and Kisumu Kenya Shipyard Limited, a government agency that will repair, refurbish and rehabilitate ships for use in Lake Victoria. The shipyard is also expected to begin building another ship, the MV Uhuru 2, which will be used for the transportation of petroleum and petroleum products and other goods to neighboring countries. In addition, the port was equipped with forklifts, mobile cranes and tractor units for import and export.

New facilities also include a $ 4.3 million naval school that will train Kenyans and other East African nationals in ship management and other marine activities.

“The revitalization of this port has been shaped by the need to renew the economy in East Africa and beyond,” said President Uhuru.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania assume that the revitalization of the neglected and underdeveloped transport infrastructure on Lake Victoria has the potential to generate an annual trade turnover of 60 billion US dollars. It currently makes only $ 6 billion for the three countries combined.

The revitalization of the port in Lake Victoria is creating a multimodal system of road, rail and water. Goods will be transported to the East Africa region via the port of Mombasa, transported to Naivasha via the standard-gauge railway and transported on to Kisumu via the renovated meter-gauge railway. Tankers and cargo ships then bring the goods to Uganda and Northern Tanzania – countries that share the coast of Lake Victoria – and can be transported to other countries in the region by road and rail.

The port network of Lake Victoria also includes Mwanza, Musoma and Bukoba in Tanzania and Entebbe and Port Bell in Uganda.

As part of the rehabilitation of the port of Kisumu, Kenya has invested $ 17 million in the construction of the Kisumu oil pier to facilitate the transport of petroleum products through the region and to remove trucks from the road. Uganda has also selected Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd, a consortium of private investors, to build a $ 270 million bulk liquid jetty and infrastructure.

“The revitalization of the port of Kisumu will improve Kenya’s social and commercial relations with neighboring countries and reposition Kisumu as Kenya’s border for regional trade and logistics,” said President Uhuru.

He added that with an international airport, pier and train station, Kisumu will realize the vision of deeper integration within the trade bloc of the East African Community.

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