Kenya: Copyright agency warns Cadbury of property rights

The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) got to the heart of Cadbury because authors entering their current “In my own Words” competition will not get credit.

Edward Sigei, executive director of KECOBO, states that the terms of this campaign are unethical as they degrade authors by depriving them of their intellectual property rights.

In addition, Mr. Sigei has asked the international confectionery manufacturer to review the competitive conditions or to withdraw entirely.

“We noticed that Cadbury is running a campaign,” In Our Own Word “, which intends to use original stories collected as part of the campaign in its website’s digital library and on various platforms related to the initiative. The economic and moral rights to the stories created are forfeited to Cadbury without recognition or payment to the participants, “said Mr. Sigei.

“KECOBO has reviewed the terms of the campaign and found it to be unethical, which means that authors will be subjected to degrading treatment while being deprived of their intellectual property rights. As such, KECOBO has written to Cadbury to review the terms of the competition or to withdraw it entirely recommended avoiding the campaign until the author’s rights are recognized and paid for, “he added.

The aim of the competition is to put together 150 original short stories for a children’s book that is intended to promote the reading culture of young people.

“We take inspiration from our surroundings, the songs we sing, our culture and more. A love of reading is awakened when our little ones see themselves in stories. Find what inspires you and write your original Kenyan story with 200 words and submit it to, “@Cadbury_KE tweeted.

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One of the clauses in the terms and conditions for authors interested in the competition says so. “Entrants are not compensated for their original stories. By submitting the stories, the entrant donates their story and therefore does not become the author of the story when it is published.”

Be warned! Do not enter the Cadbury Contest, titled “In Our Own Words,” until the authors’ rights are recognized and paid for. @KenyaCopyright has written to Cadbury to review the contest terms or to withdraw it entirely.

– Kenya Copyright Board (enKenyaCopyright) August 23, 2021

that’s more than disgusting – you don’t even believe the AUTHOR of the story? HOW is that moral? Not only do you (a wealthy global company) want to steal the stories, but now even their names? The story belongs to the #storyteller – SAY YOUR NAME #CadburyDairyMilk

– plzLOOK (@plzlook) August 21, 2021

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