Kenya: Government plans to pave 11,000 kilometers of roads by June

The government plans to pave more than 11,000 kilometers of roads by the middle of next year. This exceeded what it promised nine years ago to pave 10,000 km of roads.

This will nearly double the 14,000 km of paved roads when Jubilee came to power almost a decade ago.

The most important projects promised by the anniversary government during the 2012/2013 campaigns included transport and infrastructure, which have been dubbed the “transport and infrastructure system of the 21st century”.

According to Transport CS James Macharia, the government has paved more than 10,500 kilometers of road since 2013, exceeding its goal of 10,000 kilometers by the end of its second term.

CS Macharia said the Jubilee government is now aiming to pave more than 11,000 kilometers of road by the end of its term in order to provide world-class transportation solutions in the country.

When inspecting road construction in Mathioya subdistrict on Friday, the CS said the anniversary administration had exceeded the number of kilometers it pledged for asphalt to have exceeded 500 before gaining power in 2013, noting that many others Roads under construction across the country.

“The current government is keen to ensure a sophisticated and improved road network in the country as the infrastructure will stimulate economic activity. The roads are being built in all parts of this country and we are committed to getting the roads under construction by In the middle of next year, “said the CS.

In 2015, during its first term in office, the Jubilee government launched the Annuity Road Finance Program, which aimed to pave roads across the country in two categories; low volume in counties and main roads in cities.

Kenya had 11,230 kilometers of bitumen roads in 2013, according to data from the 2014 Statistical Abstract published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. This corresponds very well to the number of 11,000 used in the 2013 anniversary manifesto.

The CS said the anniversary government covered just 3,000 kilometers by road in its first term compared to over 7,000 kilometers in its second term.

Development projects

This is one of the many trips CS Macharia has made to the region to inspect development projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In Mathioya, CS has commissioned the construction of the Gitugi-Kagumoini road and has inspected other roads under construction, including Kanjama-Kagumoini, Cairo-Kagicha and the rehabilitation of the Kiriaini-Mugeka road.

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The opening of various roads in the region, according to the CS, will boost agricultural activities as Mathioya relies on tea and coffee. “We urge all contractors to work within the allotted deadlines to ensure the projects are fully completed and the Mwanachi services begin,” he added.

At the same time, the CS denied that the anniversary government was in a hurry to give the country a facelift in the last few months, which it had nine years to spare.

“The government is continuous, what changes is the administration. We don’t look at five years, we look at the needs of the Mwananchi, because the constant is that people need these services, ”he said.

Nonetheless, he added that they would like to finish what they started in office for him and his team.

“It’s a personal wish of me and my team and we’re working as hard as we can. But you can look at what we’ve been doing over the past nine years, we didn’t stop and we didn’t start working yesterday because we will stop next year so the work will continue continuously, “said the CS.

He added that Mau-Mau-Strasse, which connects four counties, should be completed by September next year.

The road, which is funded with a sum of Sh30 billion, is intended to stimulate agriculture and ecotourism in the counties bordering Aberdare Ranges.

“The construction of the Mau Mau road was awarded to four companies in order to speed up the work. Paving the road presents several challenges due to the terrain, but we are determined to make sure they are completed within the given deadlines, ”said the CS.

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